Funeral services, Benalla, Euroa, Chiltern and Mansfield

Planning a funeral can be a testing and trying time, often requiring painful and difficult decisions during one of life’s most challenging situations. NJ Todd Funeral Directors understand the difficulty of this time and ease the burden by providing professional, compassionate and caring funeral services in Benalla, Euroa, Mansfield and Chiltern districts.

In each centre our Benalla-based funeral directors utilise the various churches and their clergy for people aligned with a particular religion. For non-denominational funerals we use the various halls and venues each centre has to offer. When a person passes away, NJ Todd’s undertakers make contact with the family and usually arrange the funeral at the family home or at the firm’s Benalla funeral home.

Funeral services in Benalla chapel

NJ Todd Funeral Directors has a long-standing agreement with the Uniting Church to use the church’s hall next to its funeral home in Benalla as a chapel, and has carpeted, painted and installed air conditioning in the hall in return for exclusive access throughout the year for civil funeral services.


NJ Todd has viewing rooms for families at its Benalla funeral home. In other centres NJ Todd’s undertakers normally organise viewings at the relevant church or venue of the funeral.

Funeral service catering

When arranging a funeral, N.J. Todd’s funeral directors discuss the various catering venues available and then liaise with the preferred venue to arrange catering on behalf of the family.

Funeral service booklets

The undertakers with NJ Todd are the conduit between the church, celebrant, family and the printers for orders of service funeral booklets. Most times NJ Todd’s funeral directors set out the draft copy of the order of service from information provided by the clergy, celebrant or family, and then forward the service booklet to the firm’s local printer for printing.

Music and audio visual presentations for funerals

Families seeking personalised music and audio visual presentations for funeral services need only provide photographs and their music preferences to NJ Todd. The firm’s funeral directors will then create a unique and personalised presentation for the service. NJ Todd has a range of laptop computers, screens, projectors and PA systems that it takes wherever required. The funeral director also has access to an extensive music library and the licences for public use of copyright-protected music, and ensures music plays at the appropriate time during the funeral service.

NJ Todd Funeral Directors provides a full complement of funeral services to Euroa, Mansfield, Chiltern and Benalla districts. For more information please contact us online or call one of our funeral homes.