Scott – Julie Augusta “Julie”

Born on November 25, 1918. Passed away April 30, 2021.

Loved aunt of John and Robyne, great aunt of Daniel & Kathy, Stuart & Donna, Christopher, Paul & Ashlee, and Great great aunt of 9.
Will be greatly missed.
– A beautiful lady now at rest.

Funeral Notice
Chiltern Memorial Hall Conness Street, Chiltern, Victoria 3683
The Funeral Service to celebrate the life of Miss Julia ‘Julie’ Augusta Scott will be held at the Chiltern Memorial Hall, Conness Street, Chiltern on Thursday 6th May 2021 commencing at 1.00 pm. Private Cremation
  1. One of my favorite memories of Julie was when I was in primary school. We would stay at our grandfather’s house and at some stage my brother (stuart) and I would walk to auntie Julie’s house.

    The walk would be about 500m at most but as a young kid it seemed like at least a half hour walk in the blazing heat. To make the long journey shorter stuart and I would take a short cut through a paddock that we were both convinced was filled with snakes.
    Stuart and I were no fools, we knew what awaited us at Auntie Julie’s so we had a cunning plan for our silvering friends, we pulled up our socks knee high to stop the penetration of any snake bite. Surely no snake could bite through knee high cotton socks.

    We made it to Auntie Julie’s and she never disappointed with treats. The half orange and brown tupperware cookie jar was always filled with goodies. My favorite was her lemon slice and still is to this day.

    Many years later in my 30’s I was in Chiltern for work and I dropped in unexpectedly to visit Auntie Julie. I was shocked but maybe I shouldn’t have been as she never left me disappointed for treats in the past, somehow on this occasion she had some lemon slice in the orange and brown tupperware container sitting by the oven like it always did.

    She will be missed but I will continue to make her meatloaf that I adored and try to make a lemon slice worthy of making it the orange and brown tupperware container.

    Chris scott May 7, 2021