VRANJIC – Joseph (Joe)

Born on October 3, 1948. Passed away September 19, 2020.

Passed away 19 September 2020 at Estia Health Benalla, aged 71.
Son of Joseph Sr (dec).and Anna (dec.)
Brother and brother-in-law to John and Vanessa, and Mary and Phil,
Uncle to David, Suzanne, Emily and Alyssa and great-uncle to Spencer.
Formerly of Winton Roadhouse and Caltex Benalla.
Served in Vietnam 1971.
Greatly loved and missed by all who knew his kindness, gentleness and humour.
Warmest thanks to Estia Health for their care and kindness to Joe.

Funeral Notice
  1. I will miss you Joe, cheeky grin and sense of humour. His warm Bombers pride , almost turned me againist Collingwood.
    Naomi xx – Estia Health Benalla

    Ps You can eat my share of Chocolates!!

    Naomi Grainger September 28, 2020
  2. Joe I will miss our chats, choccy dates and your cheeky grin I hope our bomber boy’s can win the flag for you next season mate and I’ll remember to turn the light off.

    Kate Sommer September 28, 2020
  3. Joe was a true gentleman and a quiet achiever.
    I did my Vietnam recruit training at Puckapunyal and served at the same time in Vietnam with Joe.
    Condolences to Joe’s family.
    His smile and jovial personality will be sadly missed.

    Tony Revell September 29, 2020
  4. Thank you for all your lovely tributes above, unfortunately Joes service was during COVID, but below i have attached my tribute to my very missed Uncle Joe, who Alyssa and I referred to as Chocolate Joe.
    – Emily Vranjic

    My Chocolate Joe,
    I have had the pleasure of having Joe as my uncle for the past 18 years. In these years I could not pinpoint a single glum memory. Joe always greeted Alyssa and I with a loving smile and glimpse of light in his eyes that just blossomed when he saw us. I would always greet Joe with a hug, while Alyssa would playfully run away as if it was a game of tips. I remember as I was growing up, Joe had this tatted rocking chair that was covered in patchwork blankets and his signature stains of melted chocolate on the arms. God this chair had character… Joes character. Alyssa and I would fight over this chair, completely ignoring the fact it was not ours to begin with. This was the chair that Joe would read us The Golden Books while we sat in his lap. It was the chair that we would all watch the Three Stoogers in, and, It was the chair where he would watch Alyssa and I sneak additional pieces of chocolate from his jar when we thought he wasn’t looking. He never shared his chocolate, but then again, Alyssa and I shoved our filthy little fingers in that jar that I don’t think he would have wanted them after anyways. We loved Joes chair, almost as much as he did. Sitting in it felt like we were invincible, that we were one inch closer to Joe. I’m sure he’s somewhere sitting in his chair right now, watching proudly down on us all.
    Then there was Easter, with Chocolate 50% off, there is no doubt Easter was Joes favourite holiday. Each year Nana and Joe would hide Easter chocolate in every corner for Alyssa and I to rummage through the garden until we scavenged every egg. Looking back, we really were mini Joes chasing chocolate like no tomorrow. Each year, whether for Christmas or for Joes birthday, Dad, Mum, Alyssa, and I would gift Joe with a Guinness Worlds Records book. As usual, Alyssa and I would steal the book and examine each page devotedly before Joe had even finished unwrapping. I know a part of me hoped one of the coming pages would contain a section dedicated to Joe as ‘The world’s greatest chocolate consumer’. Although in his last few years Joes movement and expression was restricted, his love never died. You could see how his entire face lit up when we would visit. You could see how proud he was of all of us. Whether it was his contagious smile, his generosity or the sparkle in his eye, there was never a doubt of the love he had for us. He had a unique, special connection with each of us that will live beyond his years, in our memories and as a legacy for all who was privileged enough to love him. Even though he never got to keep his chair, or be a record-breaking chocolate eater, I will always love you, my Chocolate Joe.

    emily vranjic May 21, 2023