Russell – Montana Joan

Born on September 3, 2007. Passed away June 28, 2023.

Passed away as a result of a tragic accident at Locksley
Aged 15 Years.
Loved and cherished Daughter of Darren and Melissa Russell.
Much loved and cherished Sister of Nakiya, Sara, Clare, Mason and Katelyn
“Loved life and her family and friends
A Free Spirit”

Funeral Notice
Benalla Lawn Cemetery Cemetery Road, Benalla, Victoria 3672
The Funeral of Montana Joan Russell will be held at the Benalla Lawn Cemetery, Cemetery Road, Benalla on Friday 7th July, 2023 commencing at 1.00 pm. A video recording of the Service will be available on the N J Todd Website from 3.30 pm on Friday.
  1. Oh babygirl. Your life had just began and you will forever be remembered for the joyful smile you had, the cheekiness you had. You will always be held dear to those who knew you. I am honoured to say I got to know you and I’m more honoured that you were great friends with my girls. Fly Angel.
    Love always Donieta, Tyrone,Haylee,Jason,Asimina and Rylee

    Donieta Bell July 3, 2023
  2. Monty my beautiful girl. You were a beautiful soul you were such a beautiful girl, you had a beautiful smile and gorgeous blue eyes. I miss you Montana we all miss you so much girly!!!
    I loved hanging out with and your laugh I miss the most 💔

    Amelia - Rose July 3, 2023
  3. R.I.P baby girl I’ love you you’ll be in my heart forever and always I’m going to miss you so much I already do! Spread your wings and fly your in a better place now please know you took a piece of all of us that loved you with you it will never be the same without you xoxo till the day we meet again my beautiful angel girl

    Haley Pearse July 4, 2023
  4. I will always love u Monty you are my best friend, My sister, My world
    I’m so lost with out you

    You’ve been given your wings early so FLY HIGH BAE I know ull always be looking out 4 me I miss you so much xoxo
    Love Zoe Harris

    Zoe Harris July 4, 2023
  5. Monty was my best friend, and I would’ve given her the world, we hold so many memories together baby girl, you will forever be in my heart, I remember that one day you promised me you were going to turn your life around and then you said you loved me more then anything, it’s okay baby girl we all make mistakes, but you’re life was taken too soon, and I really wished it wasn’t true, you deserved so much in life and I hate how no one got to say goodbye, fly high my angel, I will celebrate your birthday every year, you were such a good and beautiful person, with the most biggest heart, I will forever love you gorgeous, you were taken too soon baby girl, I hope you rest easy and don’t party too hard up there, I will forever treasure the pictures of us, and will forever treasure the memories and the laughs, you were my only true and good friend, doing stupid things together you made me laugh and I made you laugh. You will always and forever be my best friend, rest easy baby, spread your beautiful wings baby I am always with you baby girl, always n forever I love you forever Monty, I miss you so much, r.i.p baby girl, forever 15 I love you xoxox till the day we meet again gorgeous xx

    Verity Portsmouth July 4, 2023
  6. Oh Monty I miss n love you x I wish you were still here beautiful girl x

    Irene waters July 4, 2023
  7. RIP Mon, You were a beautiful young women! We will miss you! Taken far too soon! Fly high be free angle!

    Love always Nicole, Jayden, Kye and Taylia

    Nicole Dalgleisj July 5, 2023
  8. RIP Montana, we had so many childhood memories together and even though we grew apart as life went on i’m gonna miss you so much. You were taken too soon. Till we meet again beautiful girl.
    Love from Cienna

    Cienna Hughes July 6, 2023
  9. monty my girl. you never deserved this beautiful and i will never be able to forget you were the first person we seen on the 12th of june 2023 after 7 years of being away from home. you went threw many things that wasnt on you and i wish you had the chance to live your best life i really hope your at peace gorgeous angel im forever going to miss your hypo head and the way you’d get everyone to crack up even if the mood wasnt right if only i got to see you more before you were taken from us so soon. i love you long time monty girl and youll forever have a place in my heart. :( xx

    gyps cook July 6, 2023
  10. Lil miss Montana Russell, the 1st one i crossed paths with coming bk up here after near 7yrs, if only I squeezed u alittle tighter, if only I could’ve taken u home to keep u safe like u wanted me too, that beautiful smile will never dim its light bub u will forever shine bright in my mind as my Little special white blonde blue eyed friend, u left too soon, tho knowing God calls his angels back home when he needs them to be free of hurt,pain&sorrow & too Guide Ur family & truest friends, as ur now a precious Angel of the skies. Losing u has shattered alot of hearts being taken so young yet so tragically, U won’t be forgotten nor will the impacts of this tradgey for all involved & many more that knew u & then some. Fly high baby girl, fly to the highest of highs up above & spread Ur wings bubba girl, till we meet again my sweetest little hypo head, dance amongst them clouds & soar above them stars, meet me at the gates when it’s my time sweet girl xo so I can squeeze u tighter 🤗 😘 💖 will forever cherish the short moment we shared #MJRForever15 😇🕊

    Laralee Cook July 7, 2023
  11. To Melissa and family sending love and prays through this hard time. Xxx

    Tarsh Triffitt July 7, 2023
  12. Oh babe I love you so much you had a whole life ahead of you I’m so sorry I love you forever and always!

    Hannah July 7, 2023
  13. Montanna you were full of joy and happiness I’ll never forgot you your always a big smile on your face and made sure all your friends and family we’re happy before yourself I’m going to miss your beautiful soul angel fly high Montana you’ll remain with me in my heart forever 💙🕊️

    Hayley brewer July 7, 2023
  14. fly high

    Paris July 7, 2023
  15. I’m going to miss you so much Monty I

    Emmalee Murphy July 7, 2023
  16. I’m going to miss you so much Monty

    Emmalee Murphy July 7, 2023
  17. My name is Shianne I went to school with montanna we spent a far bit of the time she is a loveing an cares for ather people, she always put ather people before her self

    Shianne Taylor July 8, 2023
  18. Love you Montana xo. Hope you are in a happier place xoxoxo.

    Michele Button July 8, 2023
  19. I know we haven’t seen each other for a long time, but it breaks my heart that you’re gone, I miss you so much. A couple weeks before you past I was thinking of getting in contact with you, how much I wish I did before it was too late. Fly high angel. Rest in peace. Death may have taken you from us, but it shall give you eternal rest and serenity. The worst thing a parent could go through is having to give their sweet angel back to heaven. I miss you and I love you, maybe one day I will meet you again until then rest in peace xxx

    Haylee Mclean July 8, 2023
  20. Rip Montana you will be missed.
    You didn’t deserve to go way u did.

    Sonia McGrath July 9, 2023
  21. Fly high gorgeous girl don’t stop shining 💔💔

    Zoe July 9, 2023
  22. Fly high Montana!🕊️

    Fia July 10, 2023
  23. fly high beautiful thanks for taking care of jaxson xx

    tilly July 12, 2023
  24. fly high monty keep a watch over jaxson. heaven took you too early you werent ready i feel as if this was my fault you had it in you to care for jaxson you were only coming to melbourne to see me for jaxson and diddnt make it i apologize xx

    tilly July 12, 2023
  25. You will be in our hearts forever.

    Aaron, Cailin, Skylar Blanchard July 13, 2023
  26. You were the best friend I could have ever asked for. Not a day goes by that I don’t stop thinking about you. If I’m being honest I cry every night just cause of how much I miss you. I wish we could have spent more time together. You were like a sister to me and I am forever heartbroken. Fly high monty forever in my heart until we meet again

    Rhiannon vandersluis July 15, 2023
  27. Fly high beautiful girl I hope heaven treats you better then the world did ❤️

    Desteny July 23, 2023
  28. monty i miss you always gone to soon 💔

    phoenix August 4, 2023
  29. Its a bit late now but oh well, I miss you so much man, I miss your beautiful laugh and your gorgeous eyes, you always managed to put a smile on my face when I was having a bad day, you never stopped caring about others, you were so kind, it hurts that I never even got to say goodbye.. you didn’t deserve that my girl, you deserved to live a wonderful fun fulfilled life, I cry every day because I have to wake up knowing ill never see you again.. never talk to you again, never hear you tell me it’s all gonna be okay, oh to hear your voice just one more time, you made me so happy bro, constantly reminding me that I’m always gonna have you, I’m sorry I never said goodbye, my last words to you were “be safe I love you” why’d you have to be taken man, my favourite girl, my sweet beautiful bestfriend, I never even got to tell you I was in love with you at one point.. I wish you could just come back to me, I still talk to the sky as it’s you, thinking you can actually hear me… I hope your okay.. I hope wherever you are.. your happy monty girl, and I hope you know I’ll never stop loving you, you meant the entire world to me, you saved me… and I couldn’t save you.. I’m so sorry ml.. you never deserved to be treated how you were, you were such a beautiful, love fulfilled, kind hearted soul monty.. I wish you were still here.. you never deserved that, I tried to help and I failed I have never hated myself more… I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to save you.. I hope you can forgive me mg… I guess this is it then.. I love you and i let you go monty… goodbye..

    Bella December 17, 2023
  30. im missin you so much rn monty my luv. 😞💔 i hope your resting peacefully my beautiful girl 🕊️🕊️

    gyps cook December 22, 2023